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Sennheiser HD800s

Sennheiser HD800s flagship, over ear, open back headphone is an industry reference of excellence. Can easily be used in the studio as a reference and wonderful for home use to enjoy a huge variety of music types. Black finish, includes both a 3m cable w/ 1/4" and 3m cable with 4.4mm terminations a. (If you need an XLR adaptor, just mention it via email)

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You will be missing out on what they are capable of if they are plugged into an integrated amp or receiver. The 300 ohm headphones work well with a variety of amps we carry, including the Burson, Fiio K9 Pro & iFi Diablo. With the smoother sound and less tendency towards a brightness, the HD800s gives consistently pleasing results with a wider variety of amps. The HD800s build on the HD800's ability to provide one of, if not the best, open, wide soundstage, giving music a natural, spacious feeling, as well as a very balanced frequency response and enormous amounts of detail.

HD800s have very spacious earcups yet excellent ergonomics, fitting close to the head, little clamping force and a light weight compared to other top of the line models. These are perfect for wearing long hours at a time. Drivers are a unique design, a huge 56mm ring radiator mounted at an angle to improve the soundstage.

Sennheiser HD800s review: 5 Stars :Although many people will have doubts about spending so much money on a pair of headphones, if sound quality is your main priority, then you should consider that you’d need to spend around 10 times as much on speakers to get anywhere near the Sennheisers’ insight and resolution.

Tip - Wearing glasses does not effect the sound much at all - there isn't much of a seal, so the earpads can sit on your glasses' arms without changing the sound much.

Sennheiser HD800s specs: 

  • Metal headband with an inner damping element
  • Specially tuned impedance matching cable with low capacitance
  • Special high precision headphone connectors
  • 2 year warranty
  • 300 ohm impedance
  • Weight: 330 g
  • HD800s Frequency Response: 4 - 51,000 Hz
  • Sennheiser HD800s is made in Ireland