About us

Headphone Bar store

Headphone Bar is a brick 'n mortar store in Vancouver, we ship and sell only in Canada, since 2010. We have everything in store to demo.

604-569-0694 |  @ 4534 Main st, Vancouver.

E-mail: headphonebar@live.ca

Open Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri 11-6, Sat 11-5. Closed Wed & Sundays

We try to keep stock at all times and nothing ships from an outside company. We ship via Canada Post.

Items leave the store within 1-3 days, generally the next day and shipping will be 2-5 business days, depending on which area of the country we are shipping to. 

Headphone Bar is an authorized dealer for all we sell: AKG, Audeze, Shure, Hifiman, Grado, Nuforce, Nuprime, Cayin, 1More, Astell&Kern, Jaybird, Woo Audio, B&O Beoplay, Meze, Mytek, Noble, Sennheiser, Audioquest, Campfire Audio, V-Moda and Fiio.