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Sennheiser HD560s

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Sennheiser HD560s is an open back, over ear headphone, designed for home use, to provide outstanding clarity and sound quality with long term wearing comfort.

** New model, we are expecting plenty of stock mid October - please get on the list and we'll notify you as soon as they are available*

The HD560s is tuned to provide a full bass response, well detailed midrange and treble with a very open, wide soundstage. The open feel is not only great with music, but makes the audio in games and movies more fun as well. The impedance / sensitivity make the HD560s fairly easy to drive and also provide a similar frequency response from a wide variety of sources, like computers, dacs and stereo receivers.

HD560s are very lightweight at 240g, have a well padded headband, deep roomy ear cups with velour pads. They should not get as warm as other headphones and should be great for long term use. The detachable cable is 3m long with a 6.5mm plug - a 3.5mm adaptor is included. (open back headphones are mesh at the outside of the headphone - they will leak out sound and provide no isolation)

  • weight: 240g
  • Impedance: 120 ohm
  • Sensitivity: 110db
  • THD 0.05%
  • Frequency Response 6 - 38.000 Hz
  • 2 year warranty