Hifiman Sundara Closed Back

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Hifiman Sundara Closed Back planar magnetic headphone. We've been waiting for these for ages. The Sundara headphone has been modified to use the new Stealth magnet system, sensitivity is much higher, making these easier to drive than the open version and Hifiman used gorgeous Beech wood ear cups. Wood finish is more matte than the photos and the finish is excellent.

Sundara isolate well and prevent music leaking from the headphones at normal volume. Getting good audio quality at 50% volume with a Dragonfly Red + my phone.

Sundara closed back keeps much of the audio quality from the Sundara with the practicality of a closed back model.  Weight is barely up and comfort still be great for use over several hours, like the Sundara. Includes the same 1.5m cable, with 3.5mm plug and 6.35mm adaptor. Includes a clever removable foam headphone stand integrated into the packaging.

Sundara Closed Back review: Headfonia: It sounds very clear, focused, detailed and natural with a good sense of warmth and body. There’s a certain brightness and openness in the tuning... I think lows are the best part about the new Sundara Closed-Back, giving great slam, kick, rumble and also recovery... bass performance, this is one of the best headphones I’ve heard for the price.

Hifiman Sundara Closed Back Specs:

  • Impedance: 20 ohms
  • Sensitivity: 98 dB
  • Frequency Response: 5 - 60,000 Hz
  • Includes 1.5m cable, 3.5mm plug
  • Weight: 432g
  • Warranty 1 year


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