Fiio M17

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Fiio M17 Reference portable, high res desktop DAC performance combined with top of the line THX amp performance in a portable unit. M17 has top of the line specs, connectivity, streaming, features and takes up minimal desk space. Its a top end, reference level, home system you can take with you. Includes the cooling stand for desktop use & maximizes performance with hard to drive headphones.

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Perfect from computer to upgrade sound quality out to  high end headphones, or use as a stand alone system out to headphones, powered speakers or a home stereo system.

Fiio M17 Reviews:, 9.4 / 10: The FiiO M17 is a huge DAP but with a huge sound. It is also probably one of the most complete portable audio devices I have reviewed to date. Both headphone and IEM users will find the M17 has both the deftness and the sheer grunt to satisfy both. DC Mode is a pure joy to use for demanding planar headphones in particular.  Anybody looking for a single device to handle both home and office duties and power everything from sensitive IEMs through very difficult full-range headphones should take a hard look at this DAP. The M17 really does belong to a new class of devices that are challenging the notion of what a portable player can be and whether desktop gear is even needed anymore.

Fiio M17 Features:

  • 6" screen
  • Android 10, works with all streaming apps
  • Dual top of the line ESS dacs - 9038 Pro chip w/  8 channel per side
  • Top end custom THX 3 watt amp
  • 5 gain levels
  • 4 headphone outputs: 3.5mm, 6.5mm / balanced 2.5mm, 4.4mm
  • usb-c PD charging or power adaptor power supply
  • 2nd usb-c for data
  • Fast data transfers via usb-c 3.0
  • Aluminum frame, liquid cooling and desktop cooling fan
  • Snapdragon 660 processor for fast performance
  • Bluetooth 5 w/ LDAC, apt-x adaptive
  • Analog & digital sections shielded internally
  • Fiio M17 size 8.9cm w x 15.7cm h x 2.8cm d
  • Fiio M17 Stand included, features cooling fan
  • Also includes leather case, power adaptor, usb-c cable, aluminum dust plug, screen protector
  • 1 year warranty

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