Dan Clark Aeon 2 Noire

Dan Clark Aeon 2 Noire edition, the late 2021 update to the Aeon closed back, planar magnetic driver headphone. Aeon 2 Noire feature all the great Aeon things - very comfortable thanks to the low weight, deep pads, small size that fits well around the ear with plenty of room, just right clamping force so they stay in place - as well as folding headband and durable, detachable cables.

Made from memory metal and carbon fiber, build quality is excellent with low weight. The Planar driver is made in house and provides a very even balanced sound quality. Now several generations on, response in the frequency extremes is very good and the tuning is surprisingly even and clean for a closed back headphone.

Feed them some power, the impedance is low but with the low sensitivity, these need way more than a dongle dac to sound their best.

As per Dan Clark: Experience the dynamics, detail and smooth sound of ÆON 2, with a striking black finish and a vibrant new sound with an expanded soundstage and a lighter midrange tone relative to its ÆON 2 Closed sibling.

  • Weight: 328g
  • Impedance: 13 ohms
  • Sensitivity: 94 db
  • Driver: 64 x 32mm planar
  • THD; Less than 0.3%
  • Includes: Carry Case, 2m DUMMER Cable w 3.5mm plug + 6.5mm adaptor, tuning kit
  • Pads: Perforated protein leather
  • 2 year warranty

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