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Burson Timekeeper 3i

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Burson Audio Timekeeper 3i. Stereo amp, headphone amp, dac, remote, bluetooth input. 

With the Timekeeper 3i, we have created the ultimate all-in-one by adding a 100w pc Class-AB speaker amplifier into a Conductor! The TK-3i is a dual-mono DAC with one SABRE32/ESS9038Q2M DAC chip per channel. These industry-leading DAC chips are independently powered to maximize dynamics and micro-details while eliminating cross channel interference.

Bluetooth 5.0 receiver, which streams at 24bit/96khz with aptX HD audio codec. The TK-3i is also a true-blue Burson headphone amp. Powered by our MCPS, this 2 Watts is rock solid. With two feedback based gain levels and 100 volume steps each, IEM, no worries. Big cans, no sweat!

Burson Timekeeper 3i Specs:

  • Speaker output: 100watts / channel @ 4-8 ohms
  • Headphone output: 2 watts @ 32 ohms
  • Headphone output impedance: 0.5 ohm
  • Bluetooth 5 apt-x HD
  • Coax / Toslink decodes files up to 24bit / 192k
  • usb-c decodes files up to 32bit / 768k
  • THD 0.0015%
  • Size: 26cm x 27cm x 7cm
  • Weight: 5 kg
  • Includes: Remote, usb-c cable, power cable, 24v - 5a power supply
  • Warranty 2 years + 1 with registration