Burson Audio Super Charger

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Burson Audio Super Charger upgraded power supply.

Super Charge your Burson and take its performance to an even higher level.  It is the final icing on the cake!

Lower Noise = More Details.

Off-the-shelf power units have an operating frequency that’s just above the human hearing threshold. In contrast, the Burson Super Charger works at an even higher frequency, resulting in a much lower DC noise—instantly improving the final noise to signal ratio which allows a deeper dive into micro-details.

Higher Frequency = More Dynamics.

The Burson Super Charger doubles the charging frequency to power capacitors inside the audio amplifier. The resulting sound is more impactful with a bigger and deeper soundstage.

*Compatible with Conductor 3 amp, Soloist 3Xp, Playmate2 models. Not for Timekeeper 3 or GT models.*