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Audeze LCD-X Creator 2021

Audeze LCD-X headphones are a high efficiency 20 ohm, reference planar magnetic design, making them easy to drive, for better compatibility with a wide range of high quality sources.

The LCD-X is designed to provide a more neutral, reference tuning, providing a fast, clean sound with an ideal even balance across the frequency range, making them an ideal headphone to use as a sonic reference and for professional use. LCD-X are an open headphone that is still able to reproduce the lowest frequencies with speed, power and depth. Unlike some pro headphones, LCD-X Creator provide great clarity and detail without sibilance or exaggerated high frequencies.

LCD-X are heavier than most headphones but the broad suspended headband and ultra deep sheepskin ear pads provide lots of room for your ears and good comfort all round. LCD-X have been widely reviewed and are regarded as a top end headphone on the market. 3.5mm adaptor & durable, braided cable with 6.5mm plug. New for 2021, audio updates, an economy carry case is now included, ear pads are the updated super soft ones.

Made in USA.

  • Impedance: 20 ohms
  • Sensitivity: 103dB 
  • Frequency Response: 5- 20,000 Hz (extended to 50kHz)
  • Double sided neodymium magnets
  • 2.5m new braided cable, 6.5mm plug
  • Fazor elements 
  • 106mm driver
  • 635g weight
  • Power minimum: 100mw; recommended 250mw
  • New Economy Case included

Audeze feature a 3 year warranty on the drivers, 1 year on the cable and headband.

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