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Audeze LCD-XC Creator 2021

Audeze LCD-XC Creator 2021 version, have slowwww release memory foam pads - very plush - & suspended headband, for improved comfort. Also includes braided cable, which is more durable than the previous flat cable. These feature the latest 2022 production Leather / Carbon finish with Economy Carry Case / Super soft pads / updated tuning.

These incorporate the LCD-X driver technology and higher efficiency into a design that provides good isolation, both of outside noise and for listening without disturbing those nearby. The headphones have a large ear opening and are fairly heavy, but the weight is well distributed, with plenty of contact area on the headband and on the plush, lambskin pads.  

These are one of the best sounding closed headphones available. With high efficiency, they are an excellent reference you can use with a huge variety of sources. 9.1 / 10: Overall, the LCD-XC 2021 is a unique tuning with a cleaner, vocal-centric performance for an Audeze LCD headphone, but also one very impressive closed-back planar headphone.

From Audeze: Our patent-pending Fazor elements help guide and manage the flow of sound in the headphone. The result is improved phase response, greater frequency extension, smoother frequency response, and remarkable 3D holographic imaging.

  • Specs:  Planar magnetic: 39.8 sq cm (6.17 sq in)
  • Maximum power handling: 5 Watts
  • Frequency response: 10 Hz - 20 KHz, usable high-frequency extension of 50 KHz
  • THD: Less than 0.1% at 100dB
  • Impedance: 20 ohms
  • Efficiency: 100 dB/1 mW
  • Optimal power requirement: 250mW +
  • Cable length: 2.5m, new braided cable, 6.5mm plug
  • Weight: 677g
  • Audeze feature a 3 year warranty on the drivers, 1 year on the cable and headband.

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