Fiio BTR7 THX Wireless Dac

Fiio BTR7 THX Wireless dac. Portable bluetooth dac to connect wirelessly to phones or computers, also connects wired and has a quick wired 'dongle' switch to easily toggle from wired to BT inputs. Has built in balanced THX AAA-28 headphone amp for ultra low distortion and high power for such a compact device. Includes a colour OLED screen for ease of use, giving feedback on volume, features, input and bluetooth codecs.

With usb-c input, charging and 3.5mm or 4.4mm outputs to headphones. Supports Fiio's app, enabling EQ and many feature settings and controls. Supports wireless charging and usb-c charging.

Fiio BTR7 Specs:

  • Fiio BTR7 Output: 160mW @32 ohm / 4.4mm 320mW @ 32 ohm
  • Amp: THX AA-28
  • High / low gain
  • Weight: 68g
  • BT Codecs: AAC, Apt-x Adaptive, LDAC
  • Rec headphone impedance: 3.5mm: 16-100 ohms / 4.4mm 16 - 150 ohms
  • Output Impedance: 1.2 ohm 3.5mm / 2.8 ohm 4.4mm
  • Charging time: 1.5 hours wired / 3 hours wireless
  • 1 year warranty

Fiio BTR7 vs BTR5:

  • Btr7 has higher power output &
  • better spec'd THX amps (better for full size headphones),
  • Btr7 has a larger colour display
  • Btr7 has 4.4mm balanced output vs BTR5 2.5mm out
  • Btr7 has an easy to use one-click 'dongle dac' mode
  • Btr7 has wireless charging
BTR7 Version