Final Audio ZE8000

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Final Audio ZE8000 True Wireless audiophile earphones. The new flagship true wireless - This is Final Audio's 8000 model level product, meaning it is ultra high performance, cutting edge, with the maximum level of clarity and audio quality available. A new driver with approx 13mm diameter combines with Final's 'f-core' tech to produce ultra low distortion. Each driver is powered by a class AB amplifier - very unusual in earphones but common in home stereos. ZE8000 supports Snapdragon Sound, so it can produce lossless wireless playback when used with a new compatible source.

*Now Shipping- We ship all ze8000 by air by default, no need to add $$ for shipping.

ZE8000 are a unique design. The portion that sits in the ear has been made as small as possible, wrapped in silicone, so it is comfortable and fits securely. The drivers provide outstanding clarity and separation of notes. Final designed a new noise cancelling system that does not effect audio quality (almost every system reduces audio quality) and does not produce the feeling of ear pressure.

Final's new 'Connect' app provides adjustments for things like ANC, fine volume control, 8k sound mode, etc.

Final Audio ZE8000 specs:

  • Includes 5 pair of Final's excellent ear tips, usb-c charging cable, dust filter
  • BT 5.2: apt-x adaptive, AAC, Snapdragon Sound
  • Battery life up to 5 hours + up to 15 hours in the case
  • IPX4 water resistant
  • 4 Modes: Noise Cancelling / Transparency / Wind Cut /  Voice through mode
  • 1 year warranty


Black finish
White finish