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Audeze LCD2

Audeze LCD-2 w/ Shedua wood ear cups (more grain than the bamboo finish pictured, similar wood colour), over ear, planar magnetic headphone. LCD-2 features the new, more comfortable, suspended headband. Lambskin ear pads are super plush and the upgraded braided cable is tough and very flexible.

LCD2 is a store favourite and thanks to Audeze's quiet, continual improvements, still one of the best headphones you can own. Full, powerful deep bass response, but with improved clarity, detail and a treble response that has improved notably over the years. Sensitivity has improved over the years, but they are still meant to be used with something that provides good quality headphone power (if planning to use them with a stereo receiver, please consider a dedicated headphone amp, which will usually provide noticeably better sound quality). 

The LCD2 look and feel substantial and the materials are excellent!

From Audeze:  Audeze uses a proprietary thin-film diaphragm that is housed between a unique super-efficient push/pull magnetic structure. 

  • 106mm Planar Magnetic drivers
  • Shedua wood earcups (current fall 2019 availability)
  • Premium lambskin leather earpads and headband cover
  • Frequency response: 5 Hz - 20 KHz, usable high range frequency extension - 50 KHz
  • Distortion: Less than 1% (even at full output)
  • Impedance: 70 Ohms
  • Efficiency: 101 dB/1 mW
  • Maximum output: 130 dB
  • Made in USA
  • Maximum Power Handling: 15 W
  • Detachable braided cable with 4-pin mini XLR connectors and ¼” stereo plug
  • Include: Ruggedized Travel Case, Braided Single Ended 1/4” Cable (2.5 meters), 3.5mm stereo adaptor, Warranty/Registration Documentation
  • Warranty: 3 years on drivers, 1 year on headphones, cable

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