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iFi ZEN CAN Certified Refurbished

Certified Refurbished, repacked and sealed by iFi. As new condition, 6 months warranty.

iFi ZEN CAN is a high power, affordable headphone amp with both a balanced 4.4mm output and 6.5mm output. iFi ZEN CAN uses the same ZEN chassis and can be stacked with the ZEN dac. Perfect with a planar headphone like Sundara, higher impedance headphone like HD600 or 250 ohm Beyer. or a low sensitivity headphone like akg k7 series.

 iFi ZEN CAN has regular line in via 3.5mm, RCA's, balanced 4.4mm input, balanced line out and two headphone outputs: 6.5mm and balanced 4.4mm. 

  • XBass - analogue bass correction system, for powerful lows even from open backed headphones
  • 3D - an analogue spaciousness circuit
  • 4 gain levels - 0, 6, 12, 18 db
  • Class A amp design
  • Compact Aluminum housing
  • Ultra Low output impedance: 0.1 ohm (does not skew frequency response)
  • Ultra high power output:
  • 6.5mm out: 1600mW @ 32ohms / 196mw @ 300 ohms
  • 4.4mm out: 1890 mw @ 64 ohms / 385mw @ 600 ohms
  • SNR is a low 120dB
  • weight; 515g

*Computer, headphones, dac not included - shown stacked on top of ZEN DAC - dac is not included but matches perfectly


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