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Fiio K7 THX Amp Dac

Fiio K7 THX Amp Dac. Fiio K7 is a new high power desktop dac amp with huge performance at a great value price. Balanced headphone amp with 4.4mm output, THX AAA 788+ amp technology along with dual dacs, the new ak4493seq chips. Fiio K7 features low / high gain so it will work well with earphones and headphones, analog input, usb, optical, coaxial digital inputs, 6.5mm SE and 4.4mm Balanced headphone outputs.

There is a multicolour light behind the volume dial, with blue / yellow / green indicating the file bitrate that is playing.  Use a computer, phone or ipad as a source via usb. Given the price and performance of the Fiio K7, there is no need to look for separate dacs / amps at this price and the connectivity is thorough, providing plenty of options. You can even choose with a front toggle to have the rear outputs be a pre-out (volume controlled) or full line out (100% signal).

Fiio K7 is ideal for a quality affordable dac amp for headphones like HD600/660s, Hifiman Sundara, Edition XS, 250 ohms Beyers, the 300 ohm Sivga SV023, AKG headphones and even the Audeze LCD2c.

Fiio K7 accessories included: power cable, power adaptor, usb cable

Fiio K7 Specs:

  • Dac: Dual akm ak4493seq chips
  • AMP: THX AAA 788+ amp design
  • Output: SE: 1.2 watts  BAL: 2 watts
  • Suggested Impedance: 16 - 300 ohm
  • Analog: RCA in / RCA out
  • Digital: usb, optical, coaxial inputs
  • Crosstalk: SE 74db  / BAL: 124db
  • Peak Output Voltage: SE 18.9v  /  BAL:  37.7v
  • Output Impedance: 1 ohm
  • Weight: 610g
  • Warranty 1 year