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Tivoli Fonico Truly Wireless

Tivoli Fonico are Truly wireless bluetooth earbuds. Fonico use the new Bluetooth 5 for connectivity, are IPX5 sweat resistant and are a diffferent shape than most truly wireless earbuds - the Fonico are quite small and the nozzle extends a bit further into the ear. This gives the Fonico a more secure fit - these sink right down into the ear without sticking out - and lets them block more noise. They also look better, since they are smaller and do not stick out.

They have a fun sound, with a bit of boost in the treble, good clarity and a bit of a bass boost.

There are 2 sizes of ear fins and 3 sizes of ear tips. The charging case holds 3 extra charges.  (some reviews mention bluetooth 4.1, but we have the latest production units and they are BT 5)

pcmag.com 4/5, excellent : Tivoli Audio's wire-free Fonico earphones stand out in a crowded field for their quality audio and reasonable price.

  • Battery life 3.5 h + 10 hours in the case
  • Bluetooth 5
  • IPX5 water & sweat resistant
  • weight: 4.5g each
  • Large tap buttons on outside of each earphone
  • built in mic for calls
  • 1 year warranty