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SPL Phonitor SE


SPL Phonitor SE is a new winter 2020 headphone amp using the high end amp section of the Phonitor with a simplified crossfeed section, providing awesome top of the line performance at a lower price. Phonitor amps are very powerful and provide open, highly dynamic sound, powering all headphones easily, regardless of dynamic or planar magnetic driver types.

It is one of the models recommended by HEDD for their power hungry and wonderful sounding HEDDphone, making a perfect pairing, as well as for other hard to drive and especially high end headphones, that benefit from the power, clarity and separation the Phonitor SE provides.

Available in 3 finishes, with the option of adding a built in dac for $450 extra (now available)

Optional built in dac - Adds the usb, optical and coax inputs. 

  • Up to 2 x 5watts power output
  • High end 120 volt internal rails - SPL's Voltair technology
  • Unique Phonitor Matrix, with 2 setting options - Phonitor's advanced crossfeed system can provide a more natural soundstage experience
  • Simulates the most popular 30 speaker angle
  • RCA Line in - USB / Coax / Optical dac is optional
  • Top of the line ALPS volume pot
  • 6.35mm headphone out
  • 3.1 kg
  • 28 x 10 x 33 cm
  • Made in Germany


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