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Sennheiser CX Plus


Sennheiser CX Plus true wireless earphones add several great new features that push their value and performance. Transparent Hearing allows you to pipe in outside noise, for better safety in busy areas. Noise cancelling is built in for when you want to  block out the world. Smart Pause pauses the music when you remove 1 earphone and apt-x adaptive is a new tech that allows the earphones to connect to your phone using the best sounding version of bluetooth available from your phone. 

CX Plus have an extensive app, allowing you to adjust the tuning to your liking and program the very stable, easy to use touch controls - you can decide the functions for 1 tap / 2 taps/ hold. They have IPX4 water resistance - great for work outs. Up to 8 hous battery life, + 16 hours in the very compact charge case. 

4 sizes of ear tips included and great sound quality from the True Response speakers. 2 year warranty.