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Questyle CMA400i

Questyle CMA400i is a dac + balanced headphone amp that uses Questyle's patented dac technology combined with their patented Current Mode amp technology. The CMA400i uses 4 groups of pure class A amps to provide the powerful sound of a top end amp combined with ultra low distortion of 0.0006% thd!

CMA400i has XLR headphone out for today's top of the line headphones, 2.5mm balanced out for high end earphones and 6.5mm out for compatibility with all headphones. CMA400i features a gain control on the bottom panel, so you can match the amp output to the earphones or headphone you own. If you need to access the gain control regularly, you can buy the vertical amp stand, making the gain controls easily accessible.

The CMA400i is manufactured by Foxconn from machined aluminum to extremely tight tolerances and feels like a single piece. Amber lights and a power switch look and feel built to last. If you have been looking at a dac amp near this price, the Questyle is worth the stretch. We have seen cheaper products with big power output specs that do not sound nearly this good - there is plenty of output for 600 ohm Beyerdynamic or pretty much any planar headphones and its a very likeable sound.

  • USB up to DSD 256
  • Optical & 2 coax inputs / 1 coax output
  • RCA and XLR line outputs, switchable from fixed or variable
  • 2.5mm, XLR & 6.5mm headphone outs
  • Max Output Power (Po):
    106mW@300Ω; 650mW@32Ω (6.35mm headphone jack)
    418mW@300Ω; 1200mW@32Ω (balanced headphone jack)
  • Gain 7.8db standard, .83db low
  • SNR: 110db
  • 1 year warranty by Questyle North America
  • Clear Plexi top panel or rubber vertical stand are extra cost options on the accessory page

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