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Questyle CMA Twelve

Model Twelve in stock now in black.

CMA Twelve is the new flagship dac + headphone amp model from Questyle. CMA Twelve uses their patented dac technology combined with their patented and widely praised Current Mode amplification to produce a fantastic sounding dac/amp, that makes a great endgame match for a wide variety of top of the line headphones. 

The Twelve dac features AES, optical, coax and USB inputs, fixed or preamp rca and XLR outputs and 3 headphone outs: 6.5mm, 4.4mm balanced and XLR balanced. It is very versatile. Build quality is old school high end - machined aluminum, switches that click into place, amber lights and perfectly tight tolerances.

CMA Twelve is the latest application of Questyle's patented Current Mode Amplification - renowned for providing not just high power output, but combined with a lifelike sound similar to live instruments and voices. Questyle Twelve uses 4 groups of current mode amplifiers to provide high power output with ultra low distortion of 0.0005%.

** There are two versions of CMA Twelve, the first is the CMA Twelve Standard, the other being the CMA Twelve Master. The CMA Twelve Master has a “MASTER” laser etching, and features a ROGERS Ceramic PCB to ensure the ultimate performance for sound quality and in specifications. The finish of both the CMA Twelve Standard and CMA Twelve Master are both available in your choice of Golden or Black. 

  • Pure Class A amp
  • Headphone out: 4.4mm, 6.5mm & XLR
  • Max Output Power(Phones):
    247mW @ 300Ω; 900mW @ 32Ω(6.35mm headphone jack)
    825mW @ 300Ω; 2W @ 32Ω (balanced headphone jack)
  • SNR: 112db
  • USB input up to DSD256
  • AES. Optical inputs
  • Coax input & output
  • Preamp: rca & XLR outputs
  • 1 year warranty by Questyle North America

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