PSB M4U4, black or white. From Headphone Bar: Another winning design from PSB, these really satisfy sonically. The M4U4 has both a dynamic driver, ideal in delivering powerful, dynamic bass response and an armature driver for the mids and treble, ideal at delivering clear, fine detail. These have a full sound without any sibilance in the highs, easy to listen to for long periods and are very solidly built. The M4u4 is designed to be worn with the cable over ear for a more stable fit and less cable noise, or by switching the L/R cables they work very well with the cable down. For those into specs, the frequency response spec has a tighter tolerance than any other earphone we've ever seen = really good.  The video below speaks to how closely involved Paul Barton was in the development - in an age when many products are farmed out to low cost suppliers, it is nice to see some of the most capable audio minds in the world so hands on in the design and deveelopment of these M4u4 earphones.

From PSB: The M4U 4 features a two-way Hybrid Dual-Driver System of dynamic and balanced armature drivers for true hi-fi listening.  Two fully detachable cables are included, one with a 3-button Apple remote with microphone for answering and making phone calls. The M4U 4 is supplied with Comply™ Foam Eartips. Made with super-soft memory foam that is heat-sensitive and breathable, the Comply™ Foam Eartips conform to the dynamic shape of the ear canal.

Standard silicon gel tips, a convenient carrying case, and stereo and airplane adaptors are all included. Two way Hybrid dual driver Two cables, one with inline IOS controls & universal mic 6 pair eartips THD: 0.25% Frequency Response: +/- 1.5db = 20Hz - 20kHz Impedance: 16 ohms