Project Pre Box S2 Digital

Project Pre Box Dac S2 Digital is one of the hottest dacs of 2018. The Pre S2D uses two new top of the line ESS 9038 chips for digital decoding - quite a feat at this price - to provide great performance. The Pre S2D has a handy input/volume screen, is a tiny size in a surprisingly solid housing, includes remote and has 8 built in filters to choose from.

Matches up well with many easier to drive headphones - Audioquest, Klipsch Heritage, Meze 99, Campfire Cascade, Sony, Audio Technica, Focal Clear, Grado, etc. Great way to upgrade the sound from a Sonos Connect or TV (optical in), computer (usb in), or older cd player (Coax in). review: Overall, Pro-Ject’s S2 Digital a well-judged unit, blending a wide range of useful features, good sound quality and a very attractive price. For the money, it’s a very strong proposition. the Pre Box S2 Digital is one of those all-in-one solutions that defines what a typical 2018 digital audiophile might be looking for. Roon Tested, full MQA unfolding, a low noise floor, easily transportable and a very likable tonal presentation with a very modern DAC chip solution inside. This is one well designed, feature-heavy little box.

Audio Nerd talk warning - the Pre S2D uses a ton of high end features to provide great sound quality:

  • Dual mono Construction
  • Proprietary clock design
  • 100 Femtoseconcs Jitter (that is a small amount)
  • Gold plated circuit board
  • High end caps and resistors
  • Decodes up to DSD512 over usb 
  • MQA - full hardware unfolding, decoding built in (for Tidal)
  • inputs: 1 usb, 1 optical, 1 coax
  • black finish
  • Volume control is push to mute
  • Remote control included
  • clean, clear headphone out, 68mW @ 32 ohms
  • 5v/1A power supply included
  • 366 g 
  • 1 year warranty