Opus #1s by the bit

Opus #1s is a high res portable music player. New 2018 version, it uses new dual high performance CS43198 dacs for better specs and performance all around. Opus#1s also has a higher output than many portable players, allowing it to power most full size headphones really well.

Opus #1s is for people with their own music library - it does not stream, have apps or bluetooth.

With the improved power and new dacs the specs are impressive: SNR is 123 db, crosstalk is 140 db, output of 3.1v. The battery is a huge 4000mah to provide 11 hours playback time. 

The UI is simple and clear, easily the most straightforward to learn and use in its class, with a bright, crisp 480 x 800 4" screen. Housing is polycarbonite (ABS), weight is 190g and it has a solid feel. 

  • Dual DACs, 2x cs43198 chips
  • quad core cpu & 1 gb RAM
  • 32 gb built in memory
  • accepts 2 micro sd cards, up to 256gb ea.
  • 10 band EQ
  • 3.5mm out, optical out, 2.5mm balanced out
  • USB audio out
  • Charge time: 4 hours
  • Made in Korea
  • 1 year warranty