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Null Audio Lune MKVI Balanced Cable


Balanced headphone cable from Null Audio, Singapore. We stock a 4ft cable with balanced 4.4mm termination. You can add an adaptor to fit other balanced or single ended plugs. We have a dual-mini XLR version for Audeze LCD series headphones and a dual 3.5mm version for Focal, newer Hifiman, LCD-1 and other headphones.

The cable is very light and pliable - comfort is ideal. Terminations are a cool looking rose gold finish. Includes a nice zip case and packaging is superb.

Cable info:

  • Silver/rare metal fusion alloy conductor, improved recipe, and UPOCC casted.
  • Litz 5 configured conductors - asymmetric configured two 13-strand and two 12-strand conductors, each individually enameled, totaling 50 strands per wire, 200 strands per cable.
  • 50% larger single strand and larger overall wire cross section than previous generation for reduced impedance and more effective signal delivery
  • Ultra clear and durable PVC insulator
  • Premier CNC machined copper hardware with electroplating


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