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Nordost Heimdall 2 Headphone Cable

Nordost Heimdall 2 headphone cable. Order the Heimdall 2 with the matching connectors for yyour headphone. The cable is 2m long and terminated with a balanced XLR plug, also includes two other terminations - a 3.5mm and a 6.3mm plug, on pigtail adaptors that go into the XLR, giving you a total of 3 termination options in the package. 

Heimdall 2 cables are made and hand terminated in the USA. The cable is light weight, soft and pliable, making them comfortable to use. Provides a great sounding cable in a practical design - comfortable to use and with 3 termination options included. 

We currently stock 3 termination types to choose from: for Focal Clear, Sennheiser HD800 and for Audeze LCD series. (Utopia coming late May)

We stock an optional 4.4 balanced adaptor you can add if needed. 

2 year warranty.


Headphone connection

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