Noble Django

Noble Django: New ergonomic Noble shape for a secure fit, braided cable fits over the ear, wonderful balanced sound quality that is still great fun to listen to - you will hear new sounds and subtleties in your music that was missing previously. The Django use their 6 drivers to great effect, with Noble's signature clear, extended treble, along with a weight and power to the music that sounds more like live music, with great dynamic effect and the power of instruments when it is supposed to be there. Beautiful new finish with machined aluminum faceplate, Django have a high quality, special look and feel, the deep purple finish is refreshingly different than black without drawing attention. Isolation is excellent and there is a bluetooth option and mic cable option.

Pelican case, owner card, 3 pr double flange tips, 3pr thick silicone tips, 3pr thin silicone tips and 3 pr foam tips included, making it easy to find an ideal fit.

From Noble: Django is a musically engaging piece that maintains a well-balanced signature throughout. Chiefly designed with musical enjoyment in mind, Django is suitably equipped to unchain any genre of music you will encounter. • 6 balanced armature drivers per side• Updated Noble universal form factor and geometry featuring machined aluminum faceplates• Sensitive enough for use with smartphones as well as portable amps and DAPs• Hand-assembled and matched• Detachable cable w/ 2-pin configuration (0.78 mm diameter) 2 year warranty