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Noble Audio Tux 5

The Tux 5 features a hybrid design with a 10mm dynamic driver for clean powerful bass and sub-bass, two balanced armature drivers for mid-low frequencies, and two balanced armature drivers for mid-high frequencies.  The Tux 5 delivers flagship level sound, truly deserving of the Wizard's signature. 

The custom - shape of the Tux 5 is ultra comfortable and fits securely - great fit in store from a variety of customers so far. You notice almost no weight when wearing them, just the 8-core cable has a bit of weight.

The Tux 5 bears a black and white theme, which includes its premium 8 Core OCC cable (3.5mm plug) which is decked out with a Tuxedo black and white jacket.

  • 10 mm dynamic bass driver
  • 4 Knowles armature drivers
  • new 8 wire cable
  • stainless steel nozzle with wax guard
  • 2 year warranty