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Noble Audio M3

Noble M3 is a new for fall 2019 earphone, hand made and signed by the wizard himself with the stunning finish quality of Noble's custom earphones. As they are hand made, each model is different, but the inside surfaces are black with the faceplate in a grey/brown with copper swirls.

Noble M3 are compact, lightweight, shallow earphones for an easy fit. The M3 uses 2 drivers - a 10mm dynamic driver combined with an entirely new type of driver - an active balanced magnetic driver - see below.

Noble M3 is a very clear, detailed model with fast bass response. The cable is a new 8 wire type (typical cable is 4-wire) that looks and feels posh - its a braided brown copper cable. Using it with an Astell&Kern SR15 in store provides a fantastic listening experience.

From Noble: Noble continues to push the boundaries of sound reproduction with the Noble M3.  The Noble M3 features a hybrid design utilizing a 10mm dynamic driver and a new driver system we refer to as an Active Balanced Magnetic ("ABM") driver.  The ABM driver sits on top of the dynamic bass driver and has two magnets with a magnetic film that is actively balanced between the two magnets. The ABM driver provides quicker response times than a dynamic driver, and a greater dynamic range than a balanced armature.  All M3s are hand crafted by the Wizard, resulting in one-of-a-kind faceplates, but also very low volume production numbers. 

  • Less than 35 ohms
  • Sensitive enough for phones and computers
  • Hard case, 10 pr eartips, cleaning tool included
  • 2 year warranty

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