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Meze Rai Penta

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Back order, late August, early Sept.

Meze Rai Penta are 5 driver, Hybrid design earphones with a custom designed Silver plated copper Litz mmcx cable. Rai Penta were 3 years in the design process, featuring a machined aluminum shell with a smooth, ergonomic shape for a great fit.

Headfonia.com: added to best IEM list: Rai Penta is detailed, precise and transparent and with its neutral yet musical tuning the Rai Penta will win over many hearts. Making a correct sounding hybrid is hard but Meze makes it seem oh so easy.

  • Shells are anodized in navy finish
  • Metal internal sound tubes from driver to spout for improved sound quality vs more common plastic tubes
  • Pressure venting system uses inward facing vent
  • Hybrid design for fullest frequency response, 4 - 45,000 Hz
  • Designed to provide a highly detailed,reference, neutral tonality
  • 4 Balanced Armature + 1 Dynamic driver
  • Easy to drive: Impedance = 20 ohm, Sens = 110db
  • Cable: Silver plated copper Litz, Rhodium plated mmcx connectors and 3.5mm plug
  • Includes custom matching navy case, 4 pr silicone tips, 3 pr double flange tips, 1 pr Comply foam tips
  • Warranty 2 years