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Master Dynamic ME05

Small size for a great fit, excellent isolation and great sound for under $300 price range. The Master Dynamic ME05 in-earphones are truly tiny, making it easy to achieve a comfortable fit, even for people with smaller ears. The ME05 have a premium look and feel, with a durable flat, non tangle cable and polished housings. There is some cable noise when moving so we recommend using the custom included shirt clip, which cuts it down significantly.

The ME05 provide a very good sound in this price range, providing a full bass with slight boost combined with a clear midrange & a well extended treble - the high frequencies don't fall away here, there is very good detail in the treble.

The machined brass housings provide a great enclosure for the drivers to perform. Everything feels premium, including the leather case, denim bag, clip and eartips. 

Weight: 21g Impedance: 16 ohms Apple compatible mic & controls inline