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Lypertek Pureplay Z7

Lypertek Pureplay Z7 are triple driver, high end sound quality true wireless earphones. Z7 use a new true wireless chipset that features apt-x adaptive to help always lock in the highest sound quality connection possible with whichever source you are using. This is cutting edge tech.

Pureplay Z7 have 10 hours of battery life + 70 hours in the case, feature wireless charging, 'Ambient Mode' if you prefer to hear your surroundings, IPX5 water resistance and cvc8 for clear voice calls from the built in mics. 

Purplay Z7 sound so great thanks to the triple driver hybrid design. Within each earphone are 1 dynamic bass driver and 2 balanced armature drivers for the mids and highs. This is similar to the design found in much more expensive wired earphones and allows the Z7 to provide surprising dynamics, realistic sub bass and extreme clarity through the mids and high frequencies. Recommended: 'excellent sound quality, long battery life, stable connection, and comfortable fit. It is a great TWS that is tuned to impress audiophiles who want more on the go... a great charging case that looks chic and elegant. The whole package has brilliant build quality. These are all hard-to-beat features and the price is really good considering the sound quality it offers. ..., the PurePlay Z7 is a must-try.'

  • Includes wireless charging case, 3 pair silicone tips + 3 pair foam tips, usb-c cable, 6 filter
  • Bluetooth 5.2, with Qualcomm 3040 chipset
  • App features button control and flexible EQ
  • 10 hours battery life in earphones + 70 hours in the case
  • IPX5 water resistant
  • Volume control on earphones
  • Premium Triple Driver Hybrid acoustic design
  • 1 year warranty