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Luxury & Precision W2-131

Luxury Precision W2-131, revised 2022 version, is a top of the line usb dongle dac. Includes cables for and ready to use with iphones, android phones, windows and mac computers. W2-131 uses two high end CS43131 dac chips, found in expensive portable music players, as the backbone of its dac, combined with a high power balanced 4.4mm Pentaconn out or 3.5mm output, for stunning sound quality from a compact dac.

Designed to be very power efficient, the W2-131 consumes 10% less power than W2 original and has 10% higher driving power in balanced mode. W2-131 lets you maximize sound quality and battery life from your device. Ideal to improve the sound from a phone. Also ideal in a high end car audio set up - the 3.5mm output doubles as a optical out! 

Dead quiet background, perfect for high end earphones, very high signal to noise ratio and ultra low distortion figures. Aluminum housing with carbon fiber back panel.  FGPA chip with 7 built in EQ options and 5 filter options, to fine tune the sound to match your earphones.

Also, built in EQ presets for Shure se846, Sennheiser ie800s and Beyer Xelento earphones and Choice of Tune 1 or 2 mode for two different tonalities built in. Windows pc requires driver install.  Navy finish.

  • weight: 22g
  • 6cm x 2.2 x 1.2cm
  • 3.5mm out / 4.4 mm out / spdif optical
  • 2cm white LED display
  • Decodes up to dsd256
  • input: usb-c
  • Gain: High / Low
  • EQ options: Classical / Jazz / Rock / Pop / Bass / Movie / Game
  • LP Tuning options: Gentle / Refined
  • output: 125mW @ 32 ohms / 260 mW @ 32 ohms 4.4mm balanced out
  • 1 year warranty

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