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KEF LS50 Wireless

KEF LS50 Wireless is a high end music system. In stock in white finish, Black, Grey & Nocturne are a 1 - 2 day special order.

KEF took their highly regarded and successful LS50 speakers and added a full, high end audio system in an enclosure that is about 3cm deeper than the non active speakers. These are an optimized version of the speakers, designed to perform better than the passive speakers + any combination of amp, dac & streamer you can put together for near this price.

*Free 6 month TIDAL streaming offer - see photo for details.

These are not merely powered speakers, but a complete, space efficient, high value, high end audio system.

  • The LS50 Wireless include:
  • 200w amp per woofer + 30w amp per tweeter (230 watts /side)
  • 24 bit/192k capable dac per speaker
  • colour matched remote
  • built in wifi, apt-x Bluetooth, optical input, analog audio in, asynchronous usb input (works with computer, IOS and android) subwoofer output
  • built in dsp for improved performance via time correction of the two drivers
  • IOS and Android app that enables wifi streaming of hifi music on your network 
  • Tidal has been added to the KEF app
  • Spotify Connect has been added to the firmware and works fast and smoothly
  • Roon software compatibility has now been added
  • clear & simple controls on top panel
  • *July 2018 app update allows source selection in the app, multiroom control

darko.audio: 2016 product of the year (several review updates on this site)

whathifi.com: product of the year 2017 - best system

whathifi.com: hall of fame product 2017

T3, 2018: One day all hifi will be like the KEF LS50w

HiFiChoice.co.uk, 2018: "A stunningly stylish, low-clutter, do-it-all system that sounds simply wonderful with anything you play."

digitaltrends.com, 2017: "The speakers soared with every piece of media we threw at them.

HiFi+ mag, 2017: This is very much a complete system in the loudspeakers that sounds as good as many top-class separates systems, and offers an unparalleled degree of flexibility in the process... I think the LS50 Wireless is one of those important products we’ll still be talking about long into the future. This is one of the best and most important products we’ll see all year, and comes very highly recommended

The app is constantly being updated and vastly better than it was day 1, especially for streaming, reliability and ease of use. It allows finite .5dB adjustment of bass and treble response, making it easy to fine tune your speakers, so you can have the sound you want and place them where they best fit in the room, instead of trying to put speakers 3' out from the wall in a living room.

There is no stack of boxes or computer required to be connected in your living space, just the two attractively finished speakers and your phone or ipad to use as a remote. With their compact enclosures, placement is easy & you can fine tune the sound with the buttons on the speakers or the very detailed adjustments in the app. LS50 Wireless throw a powerful sound into even fairly large rooms, even at lower volumes and offer an excellent range of volume levels.

Included with the system: 2 power cables, usb cable, 1m and 3m Ethernet cables, to link the speakers & colour matched remote. 1 year warranty.