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iFi Nano iDSD LE

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iFi nano iDSD LE The new for 2017 iDSD LE is a best buy for an affordable, budget dac in Canada. The iDSD LE uses an asynchronous Burr Brown dac chip that can decode all popular formats from mp3, to cd quality 16/44, up to 32 bit high res files and DSD 128 files. It allows you to buy the best quality music files you can find, now and in the future and play them back in their native bitrates, without down sampling them. The iDSD LE has both a pair of rca outputs, to go out to a high power headphone amp, powered speakers or a stereo and headphone out.

The headphone out will work with any easier to drive headphones and sounds very good. There is a built in lithium battery, for up to 8 hours of use. This makes the iDSD LE self powered, so you can use an adaptor and connect your android phone, IOS phone or ipad as a source as well. To have a dac of this quality at this price, with a good quality headphone out is a solid buy. 1 year warranty by an established Canadian distributor.

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Mike Joaquin

"Huge potential in a small package, impressively clean DAC"

"A great unit that does everything it promises. After a quick driver download the DAC is ready and boy does it perform! I had a couple of budget amp/dac combos to compare in the 100CAD range and the difference in quality removed any doubt I first had in the iDSD purchase. Build quality of the unit is sturdy and perfectly machined, packaged with a short RCA and USB type B 3.0 cable, little travel baggie, and soft silicone pad and feet. The internal rechargable battery makes this quite a flexible unit beyond the desk, just keep in mind an OTG cable is sold separately if you want to pair with a phone/tablet. Though it is not mainly marketed as an amplifier, the headphone jack does give a fair amount of power that shouldn't be underestimated. This has got to be one of the most satisfying purchases I have ever made in terms of convinience and budget. "