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iFi Nano iDSD Black Label


New product preorder, we expect to start shipping them Nov 13/14.

iFi Nano iDSD Black Label is an upgraded Nano iDSD, improved for portable use and looks like the perfect high value dac/amp for 2017/18. Nano BL is a high performance usb dac, able to decode all bitrates up to DSD256 files, allowing you to output music from your computer upsampled to DSD256 (many customers find this provides better sound quality). The usb connection also directly takes a usb OTG cable for an easy connection with iphones/ipad or android. 

With the built in battery, nano BL is not just powered off usb, so it can provide the same performance with portable devices as it can with a computer (most usb powered devices suffer greatly when run with a phone).  Nano BL has an upgraded headphone amp, 2nd headphone out just for high sensitivity earphones. Nano BL can decode MQA files, for great sounding playback from Tidal. 

There is a line out feature, to use as a desktop dac out to a stereo or speakers as well as two dac filter settings, so you can fine tune the sound. The usb input even has iFi's iPurifier usb power cleaner filter built in. 

Video walk through from here.

1 year warranty. USB & rca cables & accessories included. OTG cables not included.