iFi Micro iDSD Black Label

The iFi Micro iDSD Black label is a usb dac and headphone amp that can connect via usb to a computer or IOS and Android devices with a OTG female usb adaptor, to provide better sound quality with headphones or a stereo. It also has optical & coax in. The Micro iDSD Black Label uses a top of the line dual dac from Burr Brown to provide excellent clarity. It has a powerful 4 watt max headphone amp with several adjustments, allowing it to match perfectly with sensitive earphones, headphones or very hard to drive headphones.

Features like 3 level gain and 2 level IE Match provide excellent compatibility with hard to drive high impedance headphones like 600 ohm Beyers, Low sensitivity planars like HE560 and still provide a delicate, dead clean sound with earphones like Campfire or Shure se846 or customs.

**digitalaudioreview.net gave the Black Label a Knock-Out award

Micro iDSD Black Label can run off USB or from its own battery, has rca outputs to go to a stereo, optical/coaxial digital input to connect with other devices and allows you to adjust the sound with built in 3D and Bass adjustment. The new Dual Core dac, high power headphone amp has been updated for 2017 and improved with:

  • New op-amps
  • Femto clock upgrade
  • Retuned 3D and XBass analog enhancements
  • Lower Distortion
  • Upgraded digital power section
  • 1560mw continuous power at 64 ohms (4w max @ 16 ohms)
  • Dac THD .003%, SNR 117db
  • 1 year warranty

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