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iFi Audio ZEN Phono

iFi ZEN Phono pre amp. The ZEN series provides some of the best value /performance available. The ZEN Phono has a compact (16cm wide) aluminum housing and provides a high performance phono pre-amp, to connect your turntable to your stereo, powered speakers or headphone amp.

ZEN phono has a clever  sub-sonic filter that removes rumble without changing the bass response as well as a precise RIAA tuned output design. ZEN Phono is compatible with 36db gain MM cartridges and MC cartridges from 48-72 db. There is an ultra silent noise floor, to let your music's dynamics shine.

  • 4 gain settings on rear panel
  • rca in / out
  • balanced 4.4mm out
  • ground post
  • weight 514g
  • size 16cm x 12cm x 3.5cm
  • 1 year warranty