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iFi Audio ZEN Air CAN Headphone Amp

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iFi Audio ZEN Air CAN Headphone Amp is an analog headphone amp, with rca inputs on the rear, as well as a 3.5mm input for low power portable sources. It provides a high quality, high power headphone output at a very low cost - great value here!

Includes the very effective XBass+ feature to fatten the sub-bass output of headphones and the XSpace option, to broaden the sound image from headphones. High output power of 1200mW at 32 ohms, with 3 gain levels, 0 / 9 / 18db, to make it easy to match with any headphone. As a reference, this can do a good job powering: akg 700 series, all HD600 series cans, Hifiman Sundara/XS/Ananda, Fostex t50/60 rp, Beyer 80/250 ohm headphones - all of the harder to power open back models under $1000 (600 ohm Beyers and Hifiman HE6 need much more)

This is a great way to add headphone output to an integrated amp.to use with a computer, its a perfect match for the iFi ZEN Air DAC - stack them and connect with rca's for a great sounding, huge value stack!  Includes a power pin - usb A cable. Needs to be plugged into a 5v / 2.5A usb power supply.

 The Xbass+ and XSpace features are on the right side of the amp:

iFi ZEN Air CAN Specs:

  • Power @ 32 0hms: 1.2 watts
  • Inputs: rca, 3.5mm
  • Outputs: 6.5mm, 4.4mm s-balanced
  • THD: 0.005%
  • Gain: 0db / 9db / 18db
  • Weight: 352g
  • 1 year warranty