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iFi Audio xDSD demo

Store demo, very good condition, full warranty

iFi Audio xDSD dac and headphone amp can connect with your phone or ipad wirelessly with bluetooth. xDSD can connect via USB to your phone or computer and has an analogue input/output. xDSD has a black chrome finish.

xDSD's dac can decode the highest res files and provides clean, clear, very detailed sound. The xDSD headphone amp is a new iFi design, called Cyberdrive - it offers strong output, up to 500mW at 16 ohms and new stepped volume control. Together with the low output impedance, the xDSD has enough output to drive almost all full size headphones, has no channel imbalance issues at low volume. Slight background hiss with Andromeda when music paused.

Dac has MQA decoding built in, perfect for Tidal streaming. There are 3D & XBass fully analogue sound adjustments - adjust to taste.

iFi have mastered the Burr-Brown dac chips, combined with a femto clock for near zero jitter - for high end full size dac performance in a tiny pocketable design.

 Its about the size of an Altoids mint tin. Stepped volume changes colour as level changes.


  • Inputs: Bluetooth, 3.5mm/optical/coax multi connector, usb
  • Battery life: 10 hours SPDIF; 8 hours bluetooth; 6 hours usb
  • Decodes up to DSD512 / pcm 768kHz
  • Volume control: 100, 1dB steps
  • Output Impedance: 1 ohms (pair with 8 ohm+ headphones)
  • THD: 0.005%
  • Dynamic Range: 113dB
  • Size: 95 x 67 x 19mmm
  • weight: 127g
  • Incl: velcro, carry bag, usb cable, usb adaptor, 3.5mm optical adaptor, micro usb cable
  • Warranty: 1 year


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