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iFi Audio Hip Dac E3000 Bundle

Bundle of iFi HIP dac + Final Audio E3000 earphones + special suede case for HIP dac. Packed as a bundle and perfect as a gift. Bought individually, the prices would be: $199 HIP dac + $69 Final E3000 + $29 HIP case.

HIP dac is a dac/amp for headphones, has a sleek metal case with two Power-match gain levels and a XBass bass adjustment controls. Simply plug in via the included usb A or usb C cables. The built in Burr Brown multibit dac is MQA certified to unlock high res files streamed from Tidal music.

Final E3000 earphones are high performance earphones in the under $100 price range. The custom case for the HIP dac is a steel grey/blue finish and fits perfectly.

HIP dac specs:

  • up to 400mw output / 700mw balanced output
  • up to DSD256 decoding
  • MQA certified decoding
  • 8-12 hour battery life
  • usb-c charging
  • Includes: blue usb-A cable for computer, OTG cable to use with usb-c phones & computers, usb c - A for charging
  • weight 125g
  • size: 10 x 7 x 1.5 cm
  • 1 year warranty


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