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iFi Audio Hip Dac

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New for 2020, iFi Audio Hip Dac is a compact usb dac with both a powerful 3.5mm headphone output and a powerful balanced 4.4mm output. A great way to upgrade the sound quality - better clarity and much more power - coming from your computer - since its battery powered it also works with newer phones.

**Sold out - please see the bundle we have with a case and earphones*

Sleek metal case with two Power-match gain levels and a XBass bass adjustment controls. Simply plug in via the included usb A or usb C cables. The built in Burr Brown multibit dac is MQA certified to unlock high res files streamed from Tidal music. : The hip-dac is the perfect solution for those who have Android phones or iPhones, tablets, laptops, or a home PC and hate the inferior sound quality of these devices... It powered my Hifiman Sundara with authority on the 3.5mm side.... It has great sound quality with flexibility and usefulness for days and the features list is long and does it all without a hitch.

  • up to 400mw output / 700mw balanced output
  • up to DSD256 decoding
  • MQA certified decoding
  • 8-12 hour battery life
  • usb-c charging
  • Includes: blue usb-A cable for computer, OTG cable to use with usb-c phones & computers, usb c - A for charging
  • weight 125g
  • size: 10 x 7 x 1.5 cm
  • 1 year warranty


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