Hiby R2 Portable Music Player | Tidal MQA decoding | bluetooth 5 LDAC - Headphone Bar

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Hiby R2

HiBy R2 tiny music player, with ESS dac, plays Tidal over wifi and decodes MQA high res files, as well as playing your own music files that you can load via the micro sd card slot. The R2 has two way bluetooth 5, supporting LDAC, apt-x and AAC sending & LDAC and AAC receiving high quality bluetooth audio. 

**Shipping June 24

HiBy started out as a software company they have a new OS for the R2, along with their Android / IOS app that can allow you to control the device from your phone. The awesome sounding and powerful MSEB eq system allows subtle, detailed and effective fine tuning of your pusic, so you can dial in just the sound you want.

With dual built in mics it can act as an audio recorder, it charges via usb-c with up to a 15 hour play time. 

Headfonics.com, 8.5 : It is stylish, compact, balanced in sound and performance ... thumbs up to HiBy, this will now be my entry-level DAP recommendation to anyone who asks.

  • Wifi 5ghz
  • Display: 2.45" (6cm), 480 x 360 resolution
  •  Battery 1000maH - up to 15 hours play time
  • Power: 70mW / channel
  • THD: 0.001%
  • Dac chip: ESS 9218
  • Weight 85g
  • Zinc alloy chassis
  • Includes clear protective case, usb a-c cable
  • 1 year warranty