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Fostex TH610

Fostex TH610 is a closed back over ear headphone with great comfort, beautiful black walnut real wood housings and a quality detachable 3m cable. TH610 use a renowned 'bio-dyna' 50 mm biocellulose driver powered by powerful 1-Telsa magnets, in a walnut housing, providing a warm & detailed sound that is easy to like. The walnut wood is in a matte finish that feels great and shows off the grain better than a glossy cover. 

TH610 are fairly easy to drive, with a 25 ohm impedance & 98db sensitivity, so you can get good results with a huge range of audio sources. Feed them the best quality signal you can without needing to worry about powerful amps.

The angled ear cups are deep at the back and are user replaceable.  MMuch of the structure is made of aluminum and magnesium, for durability and light weight.

  • Mate black walnut ear cups
  • 3m OFC cable, 6.5mm plug w/ durable Rhodium coating
  • Imp: 25 ohms
  • Sensitivity: 98db
  • Weight: 375g
  • Frequency Response: 5 - 45,000 Hz

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