Fostex HPA4BL

display unit, full packaging and warranty.

Fostex HPA4BL dac / headphone amp. We carried the model down HPA4 for about 2 years but, being usb powered, it was a bit low on output with some cans. This new Made in Japan HPA4BL provides some major upgrades for a modest price increase. Here are some of the key points of the HPA4BL: The dac uses a top line Burr Brown chip to decode almost any music file available The HPA4BL now has a wall powered power supply, USB and Optical inputs The headphone output power has tripled, making it far more flexible to drive different headphones Fostex added an XLR balanced output, to use with balanced cable headphones you may have now or in the future Compact desktop size, only 15cm wide Very classy, polished build quality *not yet recommended for MAC Safari 10.12 - working on firmware/driver.

The HPA4BL is firmware upgradable.

From Fostex: Fostex HP-A4BL, designed being based on the current HP-A4, is an affordable USB DAC & Headphone amp offering balanced connection for headphones. In addition to the balanced headphone out, it also complies with DSD Audio up to 11.2MHz. 

Playback 24bit/192kHz PCM and 11.2MHz DSD audio High performance DAC (Burrbrown PCM1792A) Asynchronous transfer up to 192kHz/24bit compatible with USB Audio 2.0 HI/LO Gain selection (10dB) for wider selection of headphones Digital Filter selecting Roll-Off characteristics and Cut-off frequencies Headphone output: 300mW THD: 0.04% Recommended for 16-600ohm models