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Focal Clear

Focal Clear are open back, full size headphones with reference level sound quality. Clear provide a more balanced, neutral, detailed sound than the Elear headphones and make an excellent reference. 

The Clear are a higher sensitivity design, 55 ohms / 104dB, making them compatible with a wider variety of dacs and portable music players. Focal includes many high quality accessories: slim hard shelled carry case & 3 cables - XLR, 6.5mm & 3.5mm terminations.

The Clear feature a leather headband, perforated microfiber earpads and inner headband for cool comfort, aluminum yokes, deep ear pads and even weight distribution for long wearing comfort. Focal Clear review: what an enthusiast headphone should be: It's gorgeous; it's comfortable; its accessories are spectacular; and its sound is clear as a Montana winter sky. It's not bright, or dark, or liquid, or even—some odd way—neutral. It's just competently and confidently true to the music 'the Clear is a definite luxury purchase for any of us, but my experience with it over the past few weeks has confirmed that Focal has once again struck gold' 5 Stars: ' one of the best I have ever reviewed. It's a superior product for the discerning music lover who demands the finest musical reproduction possible.' 'I have logged months of daily use of the Focal Clears, and compared them at length with Audeze's LCD-X and with Focal's own Elear and Utopia headphones... Nowadays, I use the Utopias and LCD-Xes as tools for studying recordings rather than for listening pleasure. Fortunately, listening pleasure is exactly what the Focal Clears gave me. They had that super-satisfying, just-right Goldilocks magic. They are my new real-world reference...'

the deets: 

  • 55 ohms, 104 dB sensitivity
  • weight: 450g
  • 40mm aluminum/magnesium custom driver
  • THD 0.25%
  • Frequency Response: 5-28,000 Hz
  • Made in France, 2 year warranty


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