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Focal Celestee

Focal Celestee closed back headphone is a high end headphone that is easy to power, allowing you to get great sound quality from a huge variety of devices. Celestee feature the same shape and size of Focal's other high end headphones, with soft leather ear pads for excellent comfort, plenty of room for your ears and a sturdy, well built feel. 

Focal's uniquely designed drivers are built like small speakers, with a rubber surround and open back magnet, giving the drivers plenty of travel and a more open, clearer sound. The driver is made form a M shape that better resists bending or flexing, maintaining its accuracy across the frequency range and at a higher range of volume levels.  The driver tech used here is industry leading.

Celestee are very easy to drive, so you can use them with a huge range of portable or home audio gear. They are also very high definition, so you will clearly hear the improvements that better quality amps and dacs can provide. Materials are first rate, with aluminum arms/headband, buttery soft leather and microfibre. The finish is a gorgeous navy blue with copper accents. A hard shell carry case and short 1.2m cable with soft rubber cover are included.

Made in France

  •  Impedance 35 ohms
  • Sensitivity 105 dB (easy to power)
  • THD 0.1%
  • Frequency Response: 5 - 23,000 Hz
  • Weight 430g
  • Cable, Hard case, 6.5mm adaptor included
  • 2 year warranty