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Focal Arche Headphone Bundle

Bundled Headphone

Bundle of Focal Arche dac & your choice of the Focal Clear, Stellia or Utopia  headphone. Stellia and Clear bundle in stock. Utopia is special order, takes 3 days.

Description of Arche dac is below. Please see headphone descriptions for more detail.

Focal Arche is a Made in France solution to get the best possible sound from Focal headphones. Arche is a combined dac & headphone amp, using dual dacs and dual Class A amp sections to provide flagship performance. Arche is housed in an easy to use all aluminum body, with 6.5mm and XLR headphone outputs, a screen and multifunction control.

Arche has built in presets for Focal's headphones, allowing you simply adjust the Arche to be perfectly optimized to your Focal headphone model - simply choose your model on the display and you will experience superb performance.

This is an ideal solution for any of Focal's high end headphones, as well as for anyone who has both a closed and open back model that you can alternate using.

Arche includes a subtle stand that locks into the vents on the top of the amp, for an elegant storage solution. Arche will do a beautiful job with other headphones, with its pure Class A amp rated to deliver up to 1 watt per side and recommended for headphones from 16 - 600 ohms.

  • 100% dual mono construction
  • Dual dacs (akm4490)
  • Dual headphone amps - voltage & hybrid
  • Presets for all Focal headphones
  • Can be used as a DAC for home system
  • Aluminum headphone stand included
  • XLR and 6.35mm outputs
  • 2x 1 watt output
  • THD: 0.001%
  • Analog out: XLR or rca line outs
  • 4.7 kg
  • 3 digital inputs & 1 analog input - can be used with a turntable
  • Made in France