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Final Audio D8000 Pro Limited Edition

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Final Audio D8000 Pro Limited Edition, Final's best version of the flagship D8000 planar magnetic headphone. Re-tuned slightly for ultimate performance and finished in all matte black with stunning gold driver grille. Hand made at Final's headquarters in Japan.

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As per Final Audio:

To mark the year when we entered a new phase in our ongoing efforts for research and development, and in the pursuit of sound quality with the latest technologies, we are releasing a Limited Model of our flagship D8000 Pro Edition headphones, with a new stylish finishing concept and further upgrades. As symbolic accents, a luxurious and authentic matte black finish is applied throughout, and gold-plated perforated metal is used for the AFDS driver. Meanwhile, the structural and acoustic design of the driver, and dedicated housing construction, which optimizes sound quality and is highly acclaimed worldwide, have been retained.

In addition, for the first time, high-grade Washi (Japanese paper) with excellent durability, air permeability, moisture control, and antibacterial/odor-eliminating properties is used as the earpads' material, providing the best fit and comfort. A dedicated Attache Case-Type New Carrying Case with * TRAVEL SENTRY® Approved Lock has been newly adopted for this model. 2 types of detachable cable, OFC silver-coated balanced cable ( XLR 4-pin / 3m ) and OFC black balanced cable ( 4.4mm TRRRS / 1.5m ) for portable use are included as accessories, making it a full-fledged package that is truly the pinnacle of the Pro range.
Final Audio D8000 Pro Ltd specs:
  • Impedance: 60 ohms
  • Sensitivity: 98 dB
  • Weight: 523g
  • Includes Ltd Ed travel case, 3m XLR cable, 1.5m 4.4mm plug cable