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Fiio UTWS3

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Fiio UTWS3 bluetooth earphone adaptor, includes wireless charging case and two adaptors for earphones with removable cables. For earphones with mmcx removable cables, simply disconnect the cable, plug in the L & R UTWS3 adaptors and you have high performance true wireless earphones, with a mic in each side for calls/video.

UTWS3 use bluetooth 5 'True Wireless +', for a stable connection. Each adaptor has a headphone amp, in addition to the bluetooth chip, which enhances the performance and sound quality of the earphones. Use the Fiio Control app to set up the adaptors and control settings.

  • up to 30 hours combined battery life (case + adaptors)
  • Light touch controls
  • EQ & Channel balance in the app
  • Dual mics in each side
  • apt-x / AAC supported for android / iphone
  • IPX4 water resistant
  • 26 level volume control
  • Output Impedance = 0.7 ohm
  • 1 year warranty 

 *All universal fit earphones we stock fit in the case. Not recommended for custom fit earphones. They are too bulky and may prevent the case from closing.

*earphones not included, shown for illustration purposes only.

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Not bad but it could be better. Honest review

Sound testing was done with a pair of SHURE SE215 earbuds attached. Overall the Fiio UTWS3 has been a great experience but there are some points that you might need to consider before purchasing. Pros: Considering this is a wireless device the quality of sound is awesome (8/10) compared to SHURE SE215 wired (keeping the earbuds). The charging box offers many charges Both Fiio UTWS3 and the charging box feels and are made of good quality materials. Good passive noise cancelling. If you are on the street you can still hear some traffic but it doesn't affect the experience. Cons: Is not so easy to set up, I had some problems with the Bluetooth connection when pairing the first time. They're not what I'd call straightforward. If you want to configure your audio parameters you need to download a proprietary application that is quite limited in its features. For EQ and sound effects I had to use my phones own sound tools. Also, after using the devices for many months I noticed the application hasn't receive any updates. Sometimes the Bluetooth connection can be easily interrupted even if you're nearby your phone . The must annoying thing was when I wanted to switch from different devices, in this case from my laptop to my phone. I noticed I had to turn off the Bluetooth from both devices and store the Fiio UTWS3 in their box and close it. Then turn the Bluetooth from you mobile, open the box and wait to be paired and connected. Conclusion: This Fiio UTWS3 is better than any other true wireless accessories due its high quality sound and if you are tired of struggling with cables this might be the best option for you. But if you are an audiophile is not.

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FIIO Goodness

I primarily used my LG G8 phone, Tidal, Amazon Music and the USB Audio Player Pro Android app to test the UTSW3 and all source material was of CD quality as well as higher rez Tidal MQA and Amazon UHD. I tried 3 separate earphones, all several times more expensive than the UTSW3 including the Campfire Orion and Shure SE846. The sound is fairly neutral, no VEE shaped tuning or bass bloat to muddy up the midrange. The sound was pretty incredible for the price, open, spacious, transparent, with excellent instrument separation, a good sound stage and some sense of depth. There was good texture in the bass. The midrange is articulate with good tonality. The treble is not what I would call refined, at times it can be a thin but it's seldom harsh unless your source material has that characteristic. Compared to my more expensive Sony WF-1000XM3 it doesn't feel like I'm making that much of a sacrifice. The noise cancellation of the Sony is advantageous in outdoor or noisy environments but aside from that it's hard to pick a clear all around winner probably because I used quality IEMs with the UTWS3. The Sony has a smoother sound and is probably better suited for longer listening sessions without fatigue but there is no denying the appeal of the UTWS3. I haven't tested it with phone calls so I can't comment on that. My only nitpick thus far is that unlike similar bluetooth devices with a charging case these don't turn off when you put them back into the case. To power them down right away you have to use the smartphone app. There is a timeout setting but it seemed like they never disconnected from my phone even after it was supposed to time out.

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Transformed my fiio fh7

wireless changes the way you use headphones and these transformed my FH7s

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