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Fiio Q5s Bluetooth dac

Fiio Q5s is a dac/amp with high res wired or high res wireless connection to a phone, wired to an iphone, via usb to a computer or via optical or coax to another source. Q5s uses a dual dac, new ak4493 chips, combined with an upgradable high power/low noise amplifier to provide better sound quality to wired headphones and earphones.

The high res bluetooth connection sounds very clear and allows freedom of movement, being a wireless connection to your phone. For the absolute best sounding connectivity, try the bluetooth with a newer android phone or the apple certified wire, included, for iphones.

  • Bluetooth 5 connectivity to your source
  • LDAC, apt-x HD & AAC codec compatibility
  • usb / lightning / optical / coax connection options
  • 3.5mm & balanced 2.5mm / 4.4mm outputs
  • amp is upgradable
  • Dual dac based on latest ak4493 dac chips
  • aluminum body with soft back pad
  • bass bost, high/low gain options
  • Output power: 220mw / 560mw balanced
  • SNR: 117db
  • THD 0002%
  • Output Impedance: 1 ohm
  • battery life approx 9h
  • weight: 198g
  • 1 year warranty